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    SINGLE OVEN 725 60x80 / 2x 40x60

    SINGLE OVEN 60x80 / 2x 40x60 MOD: REVENT 725
    SKU: 725
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    SINGLE OVEN 60x80 / 2x 40x60
    MOD: REVENT 725


    • Mechanical car lifting

    • Digital LCD Commands.

    • Digital Oven Controls.

    • Exclusive design of the air flow.

    • High volume steam system.

    • 88% of thermal efficiency.


    • GIAC Increased.

    • Choice of external finish.

    • Choice of extraction fans.

    • Plataform.

    • Auto-lift truck optional.

    • Rear window.

    • Door changed in order to open to the left.

    • No drainage .

    • Central temperature sensor.

    Dimensions: 2499x1614x2080 mm
    Net weight:  1265 kgs
    Heating capacity: oil / gas of 80 kW
     / electrical: 52-57  kW

    Available in versions: iol, gas and electrical.
    Maximum size of trays: 
    600x800 mm single.