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    Shipping and Delivery policy

    Shipping Calculation and Delivery of Orders

    Shipping costs

    Shipping costs are calculated automatically and will be supported by the User. This value can be changed without prior notice in case of certain information introduced in the services used by Brettecnica, revision of price list or any error verified in the calculation of the same. This shipping prices only include deliveries in Portugal Continental.
    In the case there is any change to the order done by Brettecnica or requested by the User, this value is recalculated and changed from the initial value to the current value.
    The shown prices are ONLY for the deliveries in PORTUGAL MAINLAND. 

    The shipping costs to Madeira and Azores will be calculated after the end of the order by the user, not automatically. In these cases the automatic prices will not be applied.

    Delivery Modes 

    The delivery service will be provided by entities external to Brettecnica and have been selected to ensure a rigorous and quality service. When you register an order, the options for the delivery will be automatically presented, indicating the amount to be paid and the expected delivery time. This service can also be done through the Brettecnica fleet whenever the deliver is coincident with some of the distribution routes.

    Delivery time

    The estimated delivery time for receive the order is about 3-4 business days for products in stock. In case the selected product is not available for immediate shipment, the customer will be informed of the new delivery date. The delivery time is given by the corresponding supplier and, in no case, Brettecnica could not be responsible for any delay or possible delivery ahead of schedule.


    For the orders placed in the virtual store there is a maximum deadline of 48 hours to effect the payment by bank transfer. After this period the order will be canceled;
    After the payment is confirmed, it starts the preparation of your order.

    Delivery order

    The orders are delivered to the address indicated from the User during the site register or an alternative address expressed during the ordering process. Any permanent change in the address, should be done during the register. As already mentioned, Brettecnica could not be liable for damages caused by the incorrect filling data on card. Brettecica always recommends a delivery address when someone could receive it during normal working hours.

    BRETTÉCNICA® only delivers the orders in Portugal.