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    Electrical Utensil Wash Machine - Jeros Serie 9000

    Electrical Utensil Wash Machine - Jeros Serie 9000
    SKU: JEROS9000
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    The New Generation  

    + The 9100 Series contains a total of five new models: 9110/9115 with rotation washing systems and 9117/9120/9130 with frame washing system.
    + Inside, the machines have been completely redesigned, with a focus on hygiene and easy cleaning. The internal surfaces have been rounded in order to ensure that more fast and automatic flow of water back return to the filter and to the pumps.
    + Filters, arms and washing frames have now electro-polished surfaces - completely smooth and stainless – in order to prevent that dirty penetrate in the machine surfaces, thus it stay clean and the maintenance it will be made in a longer period of time.
    + It will save energy in up to 25% when washing. All machines are now available with "i-version" as standard. Button "automatic shutdown" and "Ecowash" are some more details that will propose more save and ecological condition. 
    + New Double micro filter - Single system of double and progressive micro filter. Allows efficient filtration and guarantees in the final, a better washing results and water savings.

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    The Jeros washing machines also still have a wide range of accessories and options that allow you to adapt to 100% to your business and real needs. Dishwashing accessories, trays, machine accessories with too much or too little volume ... Talk to us!