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    Gami Chocolate Tempering T500

    Gami Chocolate Tempering T500 - The tempering T500 is suitable for use in industrial productions. T550 e T600 – under request.
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    Gami Chocolate Tempering T500

    The tempering  T500 is suitable for use in industrial productions. 


    • Continuos and automatic cycles of tempera from melting by water bath to tempera by cooling through the refrigeration compressor.

    • Bowl with capacity for 25Kg of chocolate and equipped with mixer that keeps the chocolate fluid and uniform.

    • Flow stop pedal

    • programmable dosing unit

    • Heating vibrating table, suitable accessories for the manufacture of pralines, chocolate bars, Easter eggs and various types of hollow shapes.

    • Structure in steel AISI304

    There is also the version R500, suitable for working with compounds.

    TWe have machines with higher capacities T550 and T600 - under request.