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    Enrobing and Melting Machine R400 (Compound)

    Automatic machine to melt and maintain the chocolate compound temperature for later coverage of confectionery products or modeling sweet chocolate compounds, bars or different figures of compound.
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    • Enrobing and Melting Machine 
      Modelo: R400

      Automatic, continuous operation enrobing machine to enrobe confectionery products using chocolate compound or other coatings that do not need tempering.

    • Coatings are melted by the bain-marie system and mixed to maintain a uniform temperature.

    • The bowl with a capacity of 25 kg is equipped with a mixer that keeps the coating fluid and even and made of stainless steel AISI304.

    • The temperature is controlled through high precision probes and by GAMI dedicated card.

    • The machine is complete with flow stopping and dosing foot pedal and an automatic starting timer.

    • To obtain an enrobing system the machine can be connected to an enrobing wire-mesh belt complete with dispenser, blower, wire-mesh belt beater and tail-cutting device.

    • Moreover, the product flow is adjustable.

    • Bowl capacity: 25 kg
    • Dimensions: mm 580 x 750 x 1550h
    • See demo video in the following link: 

      We have machines for superior features R500 and R550 - on request.