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    Planetary mixer 20 LT

    Planetary mixer 20 LT - Bench model
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    Planetary mixer, bench model

    Planetary mixers are ideal for mixing (eg mousse and creams) and also mixing small amounts of dough.


    Structure made of durable steel.

    Stainless steel protection grid and head with thermoformed anti-break plastic safety cover.

    Internal transmission components made of special and durable steelRobust, reliable and robust mechanics.

    Produced according to CE safety standards.

    Use of mixing utensils, which are easily and quickly exchanged, guaranteeing a delicate, gradual and homogeneous mixture.

    Technical features:

    Dimensions WxDxH 440x520x790 mm

    3 speeds r.p.m 105-180-408

    Stainless Steel Bowl

    Capacity 20 Lt

    Pizza dough (maximum qty) 10 kg /dough

    Bread dough (max. Quantity) 8 kg/dough

    750 W power

    Voltage 230V / 50 HZ

    Weight 76 Kg

    Included accessories: Bowl, hook, whisk and spatula