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    Automatic machine for the production of salted and sweet stuffed, NEW PICCOLA 3.0 MK

    The new Maxiform line comes to the market with design and details that make it easier to use the equipment and improve productivity, reducing time, the need for operator intervention and the space occupied. Learn more below! LOWER PRICE
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    Portes grátis

    The Piccola 3.0 is the ideal machine for mini “coxinhas”, savory, sweet and stuffed gnocchi (savory in cocktail size). It works with a great variety of products, with or without fillings, fried and cooked.

    Comfortable, compact, practical and economical!


    • HOURLY PRODUCTION¹: upt to 3.000 pieces of 30g
      up to 480 pieces of 120g

      PRODUCT SIZE: from 7 to 180g

      ¹ It depends on the type of dough and fillings

      Dough/ Filling consumption (hourly production*)

      Products 30g: 42 kg of dough + 18kg of filling = 60kg (total)

      *Considering 70% of dough and 30% of filling

      Dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 301 x 688 x 839mm

      Weight: 59,5 Kg

      Power: 0,515kW – 220V single-phase

    • Follow the link to see the machine running: