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    About us

    Brettécnica is a national company that was born from the desire to help small and medium producers to industrialize their businesses through technical advice and supply of equipment for the food industry.

    With more than 20 years of experience in this sector, Brettécnica continues today governing itself by the values on which it was founded and which made it known in the market:

    • Quality.
    • Honesty.
    • Flexibility.
    • Competence.
    • Good relationship between quality/price
    • Focus on the customers needs

    We are the ideal partner to help you developing your business whether it is in the bakery, pastry, chocolate shop or salty industry.

    Talk to us!

    Our Address: 
    Av. 19 de Maio, nº 4, pav. 4 | 2715-001 PERO PINHEIRO | PORTUGAL
    NIF: 505712113

    What we do

    Brettécnica is dedicated to the manufacturing, importing, exporting, marketing and technical assistance to food industry equipment, specialy in the BAKERY, PASTRY, CONFECTIONERY, SAVORIES AND CHOCOLATE sectors.

    It is also a representative of the world's leading brands in the equipment area for the food industry.

    Our services

    • Attendance: whenever you need information about our products or consulting delivery time, you can do it by phone or email, or directly with our commercials.
    • Councelling: Do you need help with your new business? Contact us about detailing your necessities and we will give you personal options.
    • Orders: you can order through our seller, directly by e-mail or telephone. You can ask for technical assistance for the the equipments we sell or for other