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    Quality policy

    The Quality Policy implemented in BRETTECNICA, rules from the following principles:

    To satisfy customers by marketing, manufacturing and supply technical assistance in the food equipment area, the quality requirements, prices and agreed deadlines;

    To ensure the fulfilling quality ensuring the competitiveness and in future terms sustainability of Brettecnica, in the strict compliance with their responsibilities;

    Do it right at the first time;

    To improve continuously the processes and procedures.

    To provide technical assistance that allows our customers to minimize the breakes in the production due to failure equipments;

    To control the goal acomplished, applying to the corrective measures which are necessary;

    To ensure the hygiene and safety conditions of its employees, promoting the personal and professional development of employees;

    To promote responsible behavior towards society and the environment and respect with the legislation in force;

    To ensure the conditions of hygiene and safety of its employees, providing the necessary means of individual protection, in relation to each situation, work organization in order to integrate the safety factors in the accomplishment of each task.