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    Spiral Mixer, model IM, with fixed bowl, 5 Kg

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    The spiral mixer, model IM, is the ideal machine for pizzeria, restaurants, bakeries, pastries and domestic use. It is available with head and fixed bowl versions, made in steel from 5 to 60 kg dough.

    Brettecnica PB25: Climator Prover

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    The Brettecnica climator unit offers optimum temperature and humidity control in the fermentation chambers. Versatile unit with reduced maintenance.

    Manual Dough Divider

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    Divides with efficiency all types of dough. Stainless stell cutting instrument. Balancing head for easy cleaning.

    Electronic water doser-mixer - mod. DOS 100

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    Electronic water doser-mixer. Ideal for dosing water in the bakeries and pastries Dosing until 99.9 liters (0.1 Lt resolution)

    Belt Rounder

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    The Belt Rounder is the ideal machine for curl soft doughs (are considered soft dough those that in their composition have more than 65% water for each Kg /flour).

    Baguette Moulder

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    The automatic forming machine QUATTRO is a machine for the production of rolled bread. It solves the problem of the bakeries which has little space available, joining the work of 2 machines in one. This machine is elegant and functional. What ensures a smooth operation is the four-cylinder system that achieves a progressive rolling of the dough without its damaging, thereby providing an optimal final product.

    Forming bar model FBR

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    Specially design to make all types of small breads: baguettes, milk bread, brioches, etc. Ideal for bakeries and pastries . Dough from 15 to 150 gr.

    724 DOUBLE RACK OVEN 45X75 / 40x80

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    724 DOUBLE RACK OVEN 45X75 / 40x80 MOD: REVENT 724

    Eletric chamber ovens

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    Various combinations possible, depending on the customer's needs. With 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 cameras, each camera can have capacity for 1, 2 or 3 trays.

    Machine for extend pizza dough model DL

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    The POWER ROLL is an ideal machine to extend the dough in cold, to prepare the pizzas, pastas, pies and other forms, obtaining the desired shapes and forms. Two pairs of adjustable rollers, for millimetric precision of the desired thickness, to obtain round finishes.

    Bread grinder

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    Bread grinder - made in stainless steel

    Spiral Mixer, model IM, with fixed bowl - 10LT, +/- 8Kg dough

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    The spiral mixer is the ideal machine for pizzeria, restaurants, bakeries, pastries and domestic use. This model is available for the fixed and removable bowl. It is made of steel, and it has capacity since 5 to 60 kg of dough.